Junctions of Life

In the journey of life, there are junctions; Some junctions lead to bad roads that lead to good roads. Some junctions link us to another straight and smooth road. Where we are going is what determines which turn we take in life.

There is always a junction with the signpost ‘Eli Eli lama sabachthani’,that junction where you think ‘all hope is gone’, when by your sincere estimation, nothing good can come out of the situation on ground, you might even wish the world should end there.

What is it that makes you think you are nothing, push you to the wall and relegate you? It is a bend in the journey, not the end.

Are you going through any form of hardship now? It is not where you are going in life but what you are going through now. You will breakthrough.

Every egg must break, but it requires force either from within or from without. To grow above your ‘environment’, you must:

1. Challenge the Status Quo: It is not your fate to languish in pain, it is just a phase of your life, you are destined to live an abundant life. Don’t wait for the better life, go all out (godly and legally) to invoke it.

2. Know the truth: Your mockers will give you facts to prove to you it is over, but your Maker has written so many truths to prove to you that you are an asset to the world. Whose report will you believe? Your mockers or your Maker? God’s word is light, read your Bible every time to discover the way out of ALL problems.

3. Draw Closer to Your Maker: Don’t make things worse by neglecting God during the unpleasant times. HE promised to be with you at ALL season (Isaiah 43:2). God is your Maker, no other person understands you like HIM, make HIM your confidant at all junctions of life.

©16/05/2013 ATOYEBI, Samuel B.
(Hon. Psalm)
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You will not perish on the journey of life. You will overcome In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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