You are not limited!

You are not limited!

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Even though you are as free as your options, you have more than one degree of freedom. You have as many options as you are ready to explore.


Most people think because they don’t have enough money they are locked in place and have no option for moving forward in life. Some refuse to attempt something great because of their level of education.

Some refuse to move forward in life because of their physical status.


Break the roof over your progress, until you remove the limitation you place on your progress in your mind, it might be difficult to achieve the set-limitation.


Put your foot on the accelerator of your life by;


  1. Widening your network: to achieve the best life for yourself you need to know the importance of relationship and how to discern good relationship.


Relationship can open or close doors, it is your responsibility to discern which relationship to keep and which to ignore.


In order to broaden your network of contacts, you must network continually, at every opportunity.


  1. Get more relevant skills: chances are, you don’t know what you don’t know. So you will need to start educating yourself about how you could conceivably achieve your goal.


The better you get at what you do, the easier it is for you to start moving forward to get a particular level of result.


Don’t forget to learn how to distinguish between assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe), and learn to identify opportunities and how to take advantage of opportunities.


As you increase your skill through study and experience, you get better and better at doing the small things that increase the speed and predictability of your results.


  1. Knowing your God: those who are serious about breaking the roof over their success in life don’t neglect God. To be strong and do exploits is to know God; constantly fellowship with HIM, know HIS word, obey HIM, trust HIM, know HIS way and follow HIM. Know your God and be sure HE knows​ you too.


Your greatness is my fulfilment.

ATOYEBI Samuel | 16:11:2017

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant



Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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