You are fit for success

He had less than 3 years of formal education, he failed in business at 31, was defeated for the legislature at 32, tried business again but failed at 33. Although was elected as the legislature at 34 but was defeated as Speaker at 38, also defeated for congress at 43. He made it to congress at 46 but defeated for congress at 48, he was defeated for senate at 55 and defeated for Vice-Precedential nomination at 56, he was even defeated for the senate at 58.
This looks like a biography of a failure, he died in 1865 but you still reference Abraham Lincoln today.

Do you think you are worthless because things seem to be working against you now or have record of recurring failure in the past? Today’s regret of yesterday’s failure can block today’s opportunity that will shrink tomorrow’s success. Let your past pass, be actively present in your today to make your tomorrow better. Hoping for a better past is a waste of time. Don’t give up because of the failure of the past, your resolution to succeed is more important than your present experience.

Don’t waste time worrying about your past mistakes, accept that the horrible thing that happened to you in the past is the part of the great journey that is leading you to a great successful future.

One of the ways to benefit from your past is by learning from it. The proof that you are committed to growth and better life is in you considering your past as a learning opportunity.

Honestly, if you don’t stop before you are done, it will end in praise.
God did not create you to suffer. If you continue on the right path you will get to your promised land.

You are fit for success.
Get up!
Move on!
You are an asset to the world.
I celebrate you.

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