Whose permission do you need?

You have a big dream; you have many ideas on how to move your life forward, you think if you contest and win the election the life of the people in your constituency/country will be better, you know if you speak it will ease the tension, you think if you publish the book many lives will be impacted by it, you know your broadcast will empower people, you know your song will draw people close to their divine purpose, your know your presence at the meeting will add value to the outcome, you and you understand how valuable your contribution will be. Your heart is heavy of what can be done to get the right answer. You have them in your heart.

We might not see it, we might not know it but you are sure, you are loaded!

My concern is; what are you waiting for? What is stopping you from actualising that dream?

That dream that make you smile anytime you remember, when are we going to smile for the dream too?

When will it leave your heart to our sight?

No matter how good your plans and dreams are, no progress will be made until you take steps to bring it from your heart to our sight.

Birth the idea. Bring it forth, it has overstayed in your mind, bring it to your hand.

Don’t allow the lack of permission from anyone to stop you in life. The fact, the permission you are waiting for might not come until you push the idea forth. So;

1. Believe in your ability to make more progress: you are powerful enough to give yourself the permission needed to make it in life. Lack of external permission should not have significant impact on your personal success.

Since you can think it, then you can live it. You need to believe what you conceive and believe you have the ability to birth and nurse what you conceive to a marketable product that will meet demonstrable human needs, and that is how to gather the strength needed to start and finish strong.

2. Don’t just dream, execute: execution is what turns the first spark of an idea into something tangible that you can use to shape the world around you. Don’t just think about it, act on it.

When we dream up ideas and conceive big notions of adding value to the world it will not matter until it is executed. You think starting a particular business will ease the tension of your present family finances, then do something about it, take steps toward starting the business. You think acquiring a set of skill will take you to your desired height in career, then make a move to acquiring the skills.

3. Be prayerful: the spiritual controls the physical, take the bull by the horn, destiny is not emotional, you are responsible and accountable for the output of your life, talk to the owner of your life about every events.

Pray about every issues of your life, commit your ways to God and take your walk with HIM serious. Life deserves the investment.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.

ATOYEBI Samuel | 6:7:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Blog: atoyebisamuel.com
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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