What else do you want from life?

What else do you want from life?

Are you capable of handling what you are asking for?

What are you asking for; To be at the top of your game? To make money at minimum of 7 digits per week? To get a job that will give you financial freedom and enough time to enjoy the money? To grow your business to conglomerate  level? To be at the top of your career?

It is possible!

Honestly, you can have what you desire.

That ‘you can’ means you have the potential. That you have the potential means it is possible for you. That it is possible doesn’t mean it will happen automatically or that it is easy. You have to;

1. Build your motivation: the fact is the journey to that top need a lot of passion and courage. You need the courage to express your unique voice and creativity even in the mist of many threatening circumstances. There’s enough legitimate pest to eat dreams but if you can build enough motivation to go for your dreams, you will marvel at the magical opportunities that will naturally flow to you.

2. Increase your competence: yes you are skillful but the height you desire required skills more relevant for the 21st century, a little more than what you have now. Acquiring more skills is like planting seeds. Learn more new relevant skills and turn up the wattage of how you radiate in the world, and marvel as you attract positive people and circumstances. You will rise faster than you think.

3.Be patient: life is not instant noodle; good things take time. You will get there if you keep moving in the right direction. The journey to the ‘harvest’ require patience, you need to prepare field, plant the seeds, water, weed, protect from pest etc. Your dreams require time of nurturing and growth. Don’t mistake passivity for patience, patience goes hand in hand with consistent action.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 5:5:2016
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