Unlock the doors of more productive 2018

We are still in 2017!

Don’t be in a hurry to leave 2017, a lot can still happen in the remaining days of 2017.

2018 has no power of its own to be better than 2017.

Truth be told, it is not the year that brings something to you but you are the one that makes something happen in the year.

Every year is like a well designed template, you are the one that will populate it accurately to make sense.

Of a truth, 2018 can be more productive than previous years but don’t just wait for 2018 to come, prepare for it; what do you want from it, be specific, mentally refocus, and design/adopt a workable strategy.

The best time to prepare for 2018 is before now, another reasonable time is now.

To unlock the doors of more productive 2018, you don’t need a bunch of keys, you need just the right key. You need;

1.    God: don’t waste any part of 2018 by neglecting God all in the name of pursing fortune. Nurture your relationship with God so that you will not fight as one beating the air.

The physical is controlled by the spiritual. God knows the end from the beginning, commit your ways to God and entrust your life to HIM.

2.    Culture of Excellence: to be more desirable and productive in 2018, you need to answer the call of excellence in this environment full of mediocrity.

The fact is, it takes more than courage to be dedicated to excellence in a time where underperformance is being celebrated and dignified. It takes work, more work, good work, better work and consistently best work. It take doggedness, grit and internal strength. You need to be dedicated to growth and learning.

You need to constantly give your best in all that you do to remain the best.

Excellence pays, the world need excellent business owners, employees, artisans, employers, and men of God.

3.    Reflection: before you close the door against 2017 what went wrong in 2017, why and how?

Cross examine every area of your life and ask, how can I improve in this area?

Instead of just hoping that things will get better, thinking about how to improve on your business, personal life, career, health, skill building and spiritual life can create a better future for you faster than you expect.

Happy New Year in Advance.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 28:12:2017
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Blog: atoyebisamuel.com
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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