Try it out

Don’t conclude its impossible, try it out!

Some things were impossible until somebody tried them out.
Not every closed door is locked. Don’t conclude any opportunity is gone until you try it again. Only those that are not tired of trying will triumph at the end.

If you know going through a particular door will move you to greater dimension of glory in life, even if you see it closed from afar, don’t turn back,

1. Go to it: move close to the door. Moving close might mean learning one more skill, talk to one more person about it, etc. It could be as small as thinking about it again.

Take continuous steps toward achieving your goals. Only those that will rise will shine.

You might think they are too sophisticated to need your service but if you can just submit your business proposal or CV, it might be the channel to the breakthrough you’ve been praying for, if they don’t need your service they might recommend you to those that need your service maybe not now but later.

2. Unlock it: turn the handle of the door. It is not enough to move close to the door, you need to exert considerable force. To be a force to reckon with you have to be ready to exert your force on many close doors.

Don’t waste your energy, turn the handle of the door to the right direction. If you have a good product, advertise it to the right people, if you have a skill, master and market it.

3. Push: moving to the top of your game needs your effort (spiritual, mental and physical). As soon as you are able to unlock the door, push. And push again. You have to keep pushing until the space is wide enough for you to pass through. You don’t stop advertising because you are now known, it is easier to go to the top than it is to stay at the top. The top is slippery, any mistake can cause a fall.
Your greatness is my fulfilment.

ATOYEBI Samuel | 11:2:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
BBM PIN: 56397163
T: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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