To every relationship there is a season and a reason.

To every relationship there is a season and a reason.

So as not to be a victim of any relationship you must learn the characteristics of relationship and use them accordingly, It will help you place every relationship to where it belong.

There is purpose for every relationship except if you don’t want to find out. If we know why we are together it will be easy for us to get on together. The origin of the relationship will help you understand the language of the relationship. The source of the relationship will help you in proper allocation of your resource.

What is your relationship cadre? You need to know your position in any relationship, so that you will know when your promotions come. Also, know what is expected of you in that relationship, don’t go beyond your boundary, and don’t allow people to break your boundary. And we must not forget that every relationship have;

1. Duration: no relationship is forever. Even blood relationship has an end. The end of a man’s life is the end of his relationship. Check the expiry date of your relationships.

The truth is some relationships are just for a season, there’s an expiry date on every relationships; some it is for as long as you are alive, some as far as you are in that office, school, industry, etc.  Often circumstance requires us to work with someone, the duration is the task, when the work is done, the relationship is matured to end. Don’t make lifetime commitment to a short time relationship. Don’t sacrifice your family love for your girlfriend temporal infatuation.

2. Reward: what is the benefit of that relationship? Is it in any way helping you? Every reasonable farmer have harvest in mind when planting the seed. You give your time, money, emotion, etc, but for what?

3. Consequence: what is the aftermath of this relationship?

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