Things can get better!

You have the power to make things better, your daily efforts to make things get better are significant to your dream(s).

Don’t bang your head against the wall because things did not go as you envisaged. Your next step can compensate for your lost.

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Even if you think you deserve more than you are getting, don’t remain on the floor, train your nervous self to bounce back from setbacks and move forward.

If you think things are difficult, do your best to reduce stress and thrive in the face of difficulties and challenges. Life will sure be better for you if you wish and work to make it better. For life to be better than it is now;

1.  Keep progressing: take the first step and keep moving. Rome wasn’t built in a day but bricks were laid daily. Rome is just the result, the bricks are the system. Don’t stop doing what you think or know is right. It will pay off.

Just like the building of the Roman empire, there’s nothing impressing about laying of bricks daily, it is work, an ugly one for that matter. It’s not a grand feat of strength or stamina or intelligence. Afterall, nobody is going to applaud you for it, but laying bricks every day is how you build a historical empire. Keep investing on yourself, take every step that can improve your life even if the world is not noticing it now, your efforts will pay off eventually.

2. Acknowledge your progress: against all odds keep succeeding. If bigger goals seem difficult to achieve, keep achieving the smaller ones and acknowledge them. Don’t ignore your achievements because they are small.

Like a marble statue, you are a work in progress, so, you can chisel yourself into a better person by being productive no matter the quantity and acknowledge your success.

3. Demand more from life: don’t just wish things get better, wishing with all of your might will do nothing to improve the situation. Place a demand on life, back up your words with monumental action.

If you believe life is not fair, what will you do to be on the victory side? Some will be victims but there must be what to be done to be a victor.

Things will not get better by default, but by your conscious effort.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 13:7:2017
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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