Things aren’t falling apart.

Things are still within your control, you still have the capacity to birth your desires according to your expectations.

You can still get them this year.

Yes, this year,  you can get the better job, new influential contacts, status-changing contracts, beautiful car(s), serious suitor, promotion, blissful marriage, landed properties, expansive wears, and other good things you expect from 2017.

Don’t deflate your confidence in your ability to achieve landmark success this year, fix your eyes on your goals, keep working until things work the way you want.

That you’ve not been able to bring some of your dreams to reality this year does not make you a failure. The sun is not a failure because it falls every night. Don’t be discouraged, put in more effort, don’t stop until you get your desired result. Don’t relent in doing every godly things that can move you forward, there is always what next to do to move to next stage.

1. Build: you must be building something at every point of your life and you must never stop building. There is always what to build, and you are built every time you build.

Every time you are building something, that thing is also building you. And your worth is estimated by what you’ve built, what you are building, and who built you.

Those who refuse to build will always be at the mercy of those that have built and still building against all odds.


Keep building! Use quality materials and don’t neglect quantity.

Build your mind, build your spiritual life, build your dream, build affluence, build a family, build a team, build people, build structures, build influence, build a business, build your career, build capacity, build a brand, build house(s), and keep building something that will expand your comfort zone and increase your impact index in life.

2. Create: birth your brain child, paint something new, say something new, sing your song, do something new, and do old thing in a new godly way.

3. Serve: be used!

To be useful in life you have to be used.

To who refuse to serve will remain a servant.

Don’t wait until you have the ability to do everything for everybody, that’s the surest way to do nothing for nobody, what is gainful is to do something for somebody somewhere close to you now.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 12:10:2017
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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