The Credit Alert

Have you seen the credit alert?

Please check to confirm if you’ve gotten the money.

Yes, that money you need to expand your means and improve the quality of your life. I mean that big money you need to upgrade your financial status. Have you gotten everything now?

Don’t worry if you’ve not received the credit alert yet. Since you have the vision, the provision will soon be available for your use.

You don’t need to tell me the importance of the money you need at the moment, I know, we all need to be financially equipped for the future we face which is capital intensive.

Please, while waiting for the money needed don’t stop working. Don’t allow the money you don’t have today to reduce the money you will have tomorrow. Keep doing everything godly to achieve that goal of yours.

Things will get better if we continue to work on getting better. There’s always something to do, don’t waste time waiting doing nothing. That the money is not flowing as expected at the moment should not pause your life. Don’t just wait for things to be better, keep doing something that can make things to be better.

In summary, you may not have the money to actualize your dream at the moment, current conditions may not be ideal, however, that doesn’t mean you should stop working on your ideas and paving the way to a better future. We all deserve a better life.

‘Let me come and be going to my house jare’. Oh, before I go to my house, let me remind you that I still blog at, @Atoyebi_Samuel (Twitter) and @theAtoyebiSamuel (Instagram and Facebook). And I’m still working at DSK Statistical Consult Ltd. as a statistical consultant.

Ha, I must not forget to wish you a ‘money-full’ month. I pray the contract and contact that will upgrade our financial status will locate us this month in Jesus’ name. Amen

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