Take a step away!

Take a step away!

To get to that glorious future you want to be, you need to move from where you are. The future you desire is too glorious to happen by accident. It takes work for things to work. You have to start putting steps in place today to build the future you want.

Maturity is knowing that you are responsible for your fortune in life. Of a fact, at some points in life, we do things that aren’t good for us, remain where we shouldn’t and put ourselves through voluntary suffering all in the name of ‘security’ or comfort. We allow life to happen to us and flow with things.

One truth is, not many of us are given the tools growing up to cope with the many stressors in our lives. We were thought to be careful and just cross the bridges as we get to them, our mind was programmed to belief what has been and expect how it has always end. However, you have all it takes now to prepare yourself for what God has prepared for you. You are now saddled with the responsibility of re-parenting and reeducating yourselves.

Step in now and fine-tune your life to achieve more greatness with your life;

1. Be an humble learner: open your mind to new truths. No matter how old you are the world still have what to teach you. Don’t be deceived to think that truth must come from the top alone. Be observant enough to learn from the many unconscious teachers of this world.

2. Be creative: what you know is not enough to get you what you want, it is what you do with what you know that will move you to where you ought to be.

The greatest minds are filled with creativity not just facts. The world is in dare need of those that can innovate not those that can regurgitate.

Enough of telling people your ideas, show them your ideas. Bring your dream to reality. Create something different.

3. Be a doer: the world does not reward intentions, only those that move their thinking from their head to other people’s hands will be rewarded. Gather the most relevant information you need to proceed and get to work.

If you have a song in your head, move it to people’s ears.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 22:9:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
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