Show what you’ve got to the world!

Show what you’ve got to the world!

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You are not empty, you are not down to nothing, that you are not doing well in one area of your life does not write you off, stand up and grab your momentum for shining, you deserve to be celebrated for what you know/can do. Let’s see your brain child, we want to celebrate you.

Don’t allow what you cannot do paralyse what you can do.

Yes, you may have tried a lot of things since this year began and perhaps some of them that you considered important did not work out well, that should not kill your desire to win this year.

Revive your passion, commitment, and determination to make this year a better year. Give yourself more reasons to have good success this year;

1. Deflate the power of your failed event(s): that you did not do well in one area of your life should not stop you from mining the gold in other areas of your life.

A student who fail Biology examination can have the highest score in physics if he will not allow his poor performance in biology to relegate him in other courses.

Your success in other areas will sure compensate for the failed area.

2. Celebrate your success: be so busy succeeding that you will not have time to judge yourself, condemn yourself or write yourself off just because of one bad result.

Fill your mind with your record of success; the interviews you’ve passed, the exams you’ve passed, the money you’ve made before now, the huddles you’ve crossed, etc and as you remember them, smile and say to yourself, my past best will be the least I will achieve.

3. Leverage on God’s power: there is no issue that God’s power cannot handle, talk to God about your desire.

Don’t wait until the issue becomes emergency before you pray about it.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 8:3:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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