Settle down and live!–WhatsApp Broadcast

Please, I need your help.

It is urgent, please.

I need your assistance.

I need a place to catch fun and gather fund.

I think there should be a place I can play and be paid, I need you to show me the place please.

Or am I asking for too much?
Is it not a possibility?

Anyway, that is what I want.

I want to enjoy today and still secure my tomorrow.

I want to feed my tomorrow without starving my today.

Yes I know, I know it requires some things to acquire great things, just thinking I should be able to enjoy today without enduring tomorrow. It is possible joor.

After all, ‘… the path of the righteous is like the shining light, that shines more and more…’ So, my today can be great and tomorrow be greater.

See, my point is, the future is composed of an infinite series of ‘nows’.

Like seriously, many are over doing it jare, focusing on the future, and completely missing the beauty of the moment, they fail to make time for those who truly matter and refuse to pay attention to the situation on ground.

The fact is, many have destroyed their relationships with friends and family, neglect their mental and physical needs under the pretence of chasing their dreams, and building their tomorrow.

Life is not difficult. Prepare for tomorrow but don’t forget to live today.

Give yourself a good treat today without threatening your future.

Settle down and live!

Appreciate your present without deflating your future.

I mean, in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow don’t forget to live today.

The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today.

Hmmm, I dey go my house but in case you help me find a place to catch fun and gather godly fund, don’t forget to holla me.

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