Do the right thing at the right time.

Moving forward is the only right thing to do.

And now is another right time to move.

Even if you’ve tried it before and it did not work as you planned, the reward for your labour is getting it right, do invest in getting it right; find out why you didn’t get it right at your last attempt, take corrective measures and try again.

Your last setback may be a pulling back of a bow, you will not enjoy it until you push forward the arrow. The more you pull back the bow, the more you push forward the arrow. So, if you think the last attempt was a total flup, very disappointing and embarrassing, stand up and move forward strategically this time and you will be rewarded for all your investments of the past and present.

Stagnation is the shortcut to frustration, refuse to be stagnant;

1. Protect your image of success: don’t destroy your image of success by comparing yourself with another person. Even if you are running the same race with your friend, you are not on the same lane with him/her.

Be tenacious, don’t allow people to make you develop a failure-mindset, define success and keep tracking your progress.

2. Have ethical boundaries: how far is too far, what is it that you cannot do to succeed in life? Have an ethical definition. You can’t allow desire for success to so consume you that you can’t even recognise yourself in the mirror again.

Don’t take the wrong path to the right place, you have to find a balance between your head and your heart. Good-success is what you deserve.

3. Ask God for help: no issue of life is too small to talk to God about. None of your worries is too minor to take to God in prayer. Don’t wait until you cannot handle the issue before asking God for help, ask God for help from the beginning.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 15:2:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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