Relationship is a Capital!

Relationship is a capital!

One of the valuable asset of any individual or organization is its relationships.

Relationships can fill us with happiness and bring us a sense of belonging, companionship, and love.

Relationships drive individual and collective progress and affect the quality of our lives and even our businesses. We live and lead in such a transactional world that we need to be flexible enough to acknowledge the fact that we can not live alone.

I don’t want to ignore the fact that some relationships are liability, like the Parasite my biology teacher told in secondary school, they are harmful to their partner in the relationship. We owe it a duty to sieve out the bad relationships from our lives. Just as relationship has taken many people to the palace, it has also taken some to the prison.

Squeezing the sweet juice of relationship takes effort, it doesn’t come by default, you have to intentionally work it out. Like living things, relationships have characteristics such as;

1. Purpose: if you take your time to define the relationship, it will be difficult to be a victim of it. If we know the ‘why’ behind every relationship of our life and invest in them accordingly we will eat the good things of the relationship.

2. Source: where are we coming from? How did we meet? Knowing the origin of relationships is like knowing the value of money. The origin of a relationship is part of its identity, a value tool in predicting the destiny of a relationship.

3. Language: language is a major identifier. It helps in placing relationships in right perspective. You can categorise relationship by the language, the language of a romantic relationship is different from that of a colleague at work, you can predict where a relationship is heading to by the language. Like every tribe, every relationship has its’ language, listen to it.

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ATOYEBI Samuel | 14:4:2016
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