Refuse to breakdown.

Yes, you might be right, you might really deserve more than you are getting now. But, don’t forget how far you are from where you used to be. You might not be were you think you should be by now but don’t ignore the fact that you are not where you used to be, that shows if you don’t give up now you will get to the top that you desire. With little more effort you will breast the tape.

The fact is, your efforts will only worth it if you don’t give up on your goal to making your situation better and making the world a better place. Giving up now does not leave you here but take you back.

Overcome that obstacle. Without trouble, there cannot be triumph. Obstacles are like candles, they melt once you light them with your decision to walk boldly through them but they remain solid and tall if you cower before them. You either control those obstacles of your life or they control you. Don’t run away from  seemingly tough issues, walk through them, they will make you grow stronger.

The fact is anytime you overcome any obstacle you get better, your confidence and fortitude increase. Just as you get promoted after success in any examination. Your chances of success will increase by your own confidence and fortitude.

In order not to breakdown in life, ask yourself some questions;

  1. Are you still afraid of it: what are those things you were afraid to do before because you think you might fail? The exam,  new business, the proposal, etc., are you still afraid to do them now? If your answer to the questions are NO, congratulations, chances are you will not breakdown. It means you are growing.  

If you are still afraid of what you used to be afraid of, you are not alone, and it does not make you a lesser human being, however, don’t allow fear to hold you down. Hon. Psalm, what if it eventually fail as I envisaged? Work wise and right so that it will not fail but if it does, re-strategize, and do it again.

That things did not work as planned should not hold you down to a spot. The instruction from your Maker is; Arise and shine. So, rise to higher heights of destiny like the eagle.  The sky is your platform, don’t stop flying until you get to your desired height. 

2. Are you really prepared for the success? Be loyal to your future by building your capacity for productive performance. Know your job, do it efficiently, learn to work productively with others and develop leadership capacities.

3. Are you still standing with God? Stand with God and be a limit breaker. You cannot stand with the Most High and be below in life.

To your greatness,

ATOYEBI Samuel | 24:8:2018

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant


Twitter:     @Atoyebi_Samuel

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