Please, move!

I’ve learnt by experience that not all questions could be answered correctly at the beginning, but as the journey continues the road will be clearer. If you want to create more success in life you have to move forward even when you do not have all the answers.

If you are waiting to get all the answers before you move you might end up being part of the unanswered questions.

The fact is, in life, nobody has all the answers.

The more you ask the more clarity you have on the matter. Ask as many questions as you can but don’t be discouraged if you don’t have all the answers to your questions. There are some things you will discover personally along the line, go on.

Dare! Don’t avoid what you can afford, move.

You’ve been here for a long time, move ahead. Stop wasting in the name of waiting for the perfect time. Do you want the reward? Then take the risk! If you want the prize, then pay the price.  To move ahead, leverage on what you have, benefit from your upbringing, your value, and the beam of your dream.

1. Benefit from your upbringing: no doubt, you’ve heard a lot, you’ve experienced a lot, and you’ve seen many things while growing up, and these formed and shaped your thinking, beliefs and philosophies of life. But, now that you are here, that you can determine what best works for you, then you leverage on your upbringing to go up.

Intentionally remove every limiting beliefs, the are dream killer . Delete every thinking, behaviours, orientations and mindsets of mediocrity. Reform your soul; your mind, your will and your emotions.

There are lots of proven principles that you’ve been taught from your childhood, dig deep, refine them, apply them and enjoy it’s reward.

2. Benefit from your value: know your worth and place value on it, don’t be ashamed to benefit from your worth.

The truth is, you are not born cheap, basic, irrelevant and inconsequential. God is excellent in every way, too excellent to create inferior human being. Nothing less than excellence can come from an excellent Creator.

Added to the divine value possessed by human, you have education at different levels and maybe with some certifications, the more relevant knowledge you have the more valuable you are, don’t be shy to place price tag on your worth.

Every investment (skills, education, certification, experience, etc) on yourself increases your worth, recognize it and enjoy it’s reward.

3. Benefit from your dream: do you have any dream? Is there anything you think you can do to solve one of the numerous problems of the world? When do you intend to start actualizing it?

There is difference between our dream and my dream. Don’t be a lifelong slave to the vision, dreams and empires of similar dreamers like you. Start your own journey, birth your own brainchild if you are pregnant.

Don’t allow the fear of failure to tie you down, deliver your brain child now when it is most needed. Start now by scheduling your freedom date and begin to learn all you need to learn for the king in you to find expression.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.

ATOYEBI Samuel | 3:8:2017

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant



Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel


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