Open Love Letter to my Lovely Wife

Oluwatoyin my Love,

Hallelujah, all glory to God, the builder and maintainer of our home. God’s mercy brought us together and His faithfulness has been on obvious in our family, I thank You Father. His mercy has never seized in increasing the beauty and bliss of our home, E se Oluwa. We appreciate the way you are fathering us. Your good work in us and in our family is not taken for granted, we acknowledge you as the giver of the power to will and do well in all areas of our lives. 

Honey, I thank you for your prayers, commitment, loyalty, love, passion, tenacity and care on this amazing journey in fulfilling destiny. I write this letter to appreciate all you’ve allowed God to do through you since we got married. I sincerely appreciate your effectiveness and efficiency on this job as a wife and mother. All your efforts and sacrifices are appreciated and I pray you will not miss your rewards for any reason in the precious name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Honestly, Sweetheart, I know it takes a lot to be the wife of Hon. Psalm, it takes more than just beauty and degrees. It takes the grace of God. It is not a news that, being a good wife in this age is not as easy as being a good staff, I respect all your ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Thanks for having us in mind always in all you do. Your genuine love and respect for our family makes it easier for me to value your opinion, even if in some cases, might not be totally accepted. #Winks 

Hear me Love, I had never undermined the efforts of mothers but I had more reasons to appreciate your sacrifice for us on the day you were not at home just for two nights and I had to prepare our son, President for school. I felt it was not a big deal. President and I are best of friends and is it not just to wake earlier than usual? But, despite the fact that I woke up earlier the first day, President still got to school after 10am that day (too late that I had to apologize to his school and explain that his mum wasn’t around). I attempted to fry ‘puff puff’ for him but he could not even eat one because it was bad, or too bad, it does not even look or taste like ‘puff puff’. At last, I found a way to prepare just 2 course meal for him that day and told his school not to force him to eat any of the food, just in-case the food didn’t taste nice like the one he was used to. I wanted to make fruit juice for him but I did not know how to pack it; which cup or plate I was supposed to put the juice. At a point, I wondered how everything would be arranged in his lunch bag; how to put everything that ought to be in his lunch bag in it was a puzzle; how to arrange the plates, cups, spoons, flasks, water bottle, etc. I did better the second day though, he got to school around 8:30am and I was able to figure out some things faster than the first day. But that experience kept me thinking for days on how you’ve been doing all these for more than a year without complaining; prepare food, make juice, prepare snacks, make the kitchen clean and still not go late to work. Thank you for doing your best for us. I pray for you in the precious name of Jesus Christ that your strength is renewed like that of an Eagle by God, to receive the rewards of the race of your life and have many wins. 

How blessed I am to have you do life with me cannot be quantified. Your level of dependability makes this journey of life worth it, it makes the challenges to be of little or no effect. Most times when I feel like heaven might fall, the thought of ‘l I have a wife that understands’, calms me down. And thank God there is always a way out. Thanks for your trust, sensitivity, maturity, commitment, love, generosity and passion. Thanks for your right perspective of what marriage is, you embraced the uniqueness of our own marriage, and that makes life sweeter. 

‘He is my husband, I trust his decisions’, that statement you made to the doctor in the labour room is still like a decision rule for me. Knowing that even in pain you can still tell the doctor your husband’s opinion is your conclusion. That statement humbles me alot, it restores me to ‘God settings’ anytime I remember. That I was not physically present in that room that day with you and the doctor add value to that statement, I heard it with my hears as a approach the run and I returned back to outside the hospital were I was coming from to cry to God to give me the grace and power to always make the right decisions for us. You deserve the best and I will not give you less. Help me oh God. My adorable wife, thanks for the trust. 

Holy Spirit, the best teacher will continue to teach us how to do exploit. Your being supportive and loyal makes it easier for us to cross different bridges of life. In every way you’ve helped, contributed or stood in, at anytime, either summer or winter, they matter and I appreciate it. Your coming in is what makes us to come through in some cases. Thank you my wife for being a pillar of support, encouragement, and care. 

Here I am to say thank you for not being distracted by the ‘noise’ of the new definitions of this generation. I appreciate how you hold me in highest esteem and revere me without being precautions. Also, the way you seek and take my advice without grudges is another thing I am learning from you. Thank you for all that you are and represent. I am grateful that God blessed us so immensely when He gave us you. Just as you are enjoying us, we are enjoying you. I am glad that Oluwakojusimisemilogo and AanuOluwagbemileke will forever be excited and proud to look up to you as a mother by all godly definitions. My Treasure, I am proud to be your husband.

However, my adorable wife, the journey has just began, our marriage is for a greater good; let’s invest more to make the journey sweeter than it is now. I am not perfect, just as you are not either, thank God will recognized this earlier on this journey let’s continue to consciously working on ourselves. Let’s not be tired of following the God’s principles written in the Bible. The Church programs, seminars, books and other activities are not a waste; knowledge is part of the tool to attain the foreseeable future. God is with us and He will not leave us. We will not lack good people around us at any phase of our marriage in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, my SuperStar. May our love grow stronger and shine brighter to the end of time in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen. The older our marriage the better it will become in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I pray our well of water will always be full of water of joy in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Having you by me is a motivation to doing great in life, with love from your only Husband, 


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