Open Love Letter to my Adorable Wife

Dear Oluwatoyin,
Let me start this letter by appreciating God Almighty, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of our marriage. God I am grateful for your faithfulness in our home. Thank you for not letting me miss the wife you ordained for me. Hallelujah.
Ololufe mi tooto, thank you for marrying me. My prayer always is; may you not regret marrying me at any point of your life in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Truth be told, your first YES in front of Adenike hostel on the night of August 1st, 2006 was not my effort, ‘na God o’. All your reasons for not wanting to start such relationship or with me were genuine. It was true, it was too early for you to start thinking of marriage and I was obviously too busy. I was not ready for such relationship then but knew I would eventually need it. I thought I could start such relationship, keep it aside till when I would need it.
When you did not say YES despite my persistence, I went back to God, told HIM in prayer that evening in Winners’ Chapel (Isale General), that I would not go back to you again if you do not say YES that night. Immediately after the evening service, I dropped my Bible in my hostel (Goshen, Under G), and straight to your hostel (Adunola, Adenike Area). As usual, I was raw and real that night, I knew any relationship built on pretense or lie will not last, and I was not looking for a girlfriend, but asked God for my wife. I can only remember two of your questions that night; ‘have you prayed about this?’ And ‘will you have time for me?’
With smile on my face I said yes, I had prayed about it. I could not answer the second question to your satisfaction, my answer was not a YES and not a NO because I knew what you meant and I thought you were asking for ‘too much’. You also talked about my active involvement in student unionism but I refused to promise you that I would quit. All the same, you gave me a positive answer, I was so sure it was God because if I was to be graded by you that night I did not deserve the YES. I went back to my hostel with joy, appreciating God, ‘indeed Oluwatoyin’. Love of My Life, thank you for that great decision.
Later during our courtship, you confessed to me that when you got back to the hostel that night (August 1st, 2006) you were wondering why you agreed. You did not know what came over you. Why YES? My Dear, I knew the answer.#smiles. I knew it was God. The secret is God; ‘the king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD’.
Sweetheart mi, thanks for all the sacrifices you made for me on campus. Thanks for tolerating my person, those years of courtship were indeed training ground. I had a lot on my hands but I could have given more to our relationship, thank you for not giving up on me. Thank God I’m all yours now! And hope I’m better now than then? #winks
My Darling, you earn my respect even before we got married. You never questioned me on my relationship with any lady, you trust my words, even when others told you my best friend (a beautiful godly lady in my department) was a threat. You remain loyal to me without a question about her. No other woman could have been meant for me. I acknowledge your persistent effort to make me the best man that I can possibly be. I appreciate and honour you.
My Love, sorry for all the secret tears I caused you while on campus. I was absent and very strict. Zealous about impacting lives and great leadership but not wise enough to know you also needed me. I was everywhere on campus except with you. Yet you tolerated me. You were supportive. You accommodated my excesses. Now I know better; the home is the first ministry of a man.
I am not tired of saying I LOVE YOU since it is the truth. You are beautiful but it takes more than beauty to be the only wife of Atoyebi Samuel. No doubt, you are divinely endowed for me. You entered into my life as candlelight in the dark. You brought positive change to every area of my life. You are an asset to me. I LOVE YOU.
My adorable wife, thanks for allowing you and I to be one forever under the shadow of God Almighty, you showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your deeds. You are not only intelligent but reasonable. Your heart for God and the things of God makes me happy every time.
Eleyinjuege mi owon, in the precious name of Jesus Christ; the older our marriage the better it will become. We shall never have a better yesterday in our marriage. We shall continue to move from glory to GLORY. Our children and children’s children shall be mighty in our lifetime. Amen.
Ejiwumi mi, thank you for being my best friend, editor, tutor, sister, hygienic coach, business partner, cooking-instructor, motivator, consultant, prayer partner and ‘help meet’. I love you and will always love you, so help me God. Amen
Happy Wedding Anniversary to us, being together as husband and wife has been period of drastic positive growth for us. You are the greatest of God’s blessings to me. Together we will make the whole world better than we met it in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Honestly, I appreciate our differences.
Beauty, I know you know that learning is my hobby, so be sure I am busy learning how to be the best husband to you and best father to our children. By God’s grace I will always be better than I was yesterday.
My Treasure, I will always love you. The journey is long, let’s move forward faster on the right track. With the help of God, we shall dig and find good water. The favour of the Lord will not depart from us. Jesus Christ will remain our Lord and Saviour. Amen.
Your only husband,
Hon. Psalm

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