Ko ko ko ko ooo. It is Hon. Psalm, your faithful paddy.

How far na? It’s been a while, I just decided to check on you.  How was Service today?

I was just thinking about the news of people committing/attempting suicide; students and workers. Male and Female. Ha! Lord have mercy o.

What do you think could be wrong? Recession, Depression, Spiritual attack, Failure, Disappointment,… or what?

Maybe they thought people will be disappointed at the news of their failure. Or maybe they thought they were far behind or things are not working as they envisaged? Just thinking, what could be wrong?

The fact is; nobody really set out to fail in life, not even the lazy dudes. But, at times things just go out of control.

People are really trying.

It is not a crime to set goals and target. Abi, is it a bad thing to desire and work for better life?

Like you, I always work towards a better life. I mean, think of what can make my life better and aim at it.

Before I gained admission into the University for my First Degree, I decided I was going to graduate with First Class. 70% was not difficult for me to score in secondary school, I was the senior prefect and I have participated in many competitions at the Local Government and State level and won many. So, I never for once thought I could score below 70% in any course in the University.

Did I hear you call me local champion? Na you sabi, champion na champion jare.

Fast Forward…

I gained admission into the University without missing any year. But eee, my first GPA in the University was 3.09 (far from 5.00 isn’t it?). Stop laughing at me nau? I did not give up on First class until 300Level. Seriously, First Class no be beans o. I could not make First Class.

Also, during my first degree, I used to wonder why a graduate would work for 5 years after graduation and not be able to buy at least one brand new car, have a building project or a landed property?

And I thought a good husband should buy at least a car for his wife instead of both of them sharing a car, she needs a car even than her husband.

Hon. Psalm, it’s more than 5 years you graduated na, how many brand new cars have you bought for yourself and your beautiful wife and when will you finish your building project in Banana Island?

I wrote a book (MATTERS THAT MATTER… the inspiration for global relevance about 3 years ago, it went viral, the acceptability was encouraging, and the feedback was awesome.

After publishing the book, I set a target of writing at least one book per year bheteee, actually, I have not gotten the time to write let alone publish another book since then.

Let me not bore you with stories, my point is, we all set goals, have dreams that we really tried our best to actualize but somehow did not come true early enough as we have planned.

If the present economic situation of the country is dwarfing your effort, suicide should not be an option.

Image result for NO TO SUICIDE
So true, you should be concerned about how things are faring. But, fight any thought related to suicide, it is never the solution.

You are not a failure;
to graduates who worked so hard to earn their degrees yet could not get their desired job,
to the parents whose salaries have not been paid for months though they worked diligently and faithfully,
to beautiful godly ladies and guys who are finding it difficult to get married,
to those who are heavily indebted,
to the parents who struggle to take care of their kids due to recession,
to investors who kept losing money despite their calculations,
to the student who though studied hard but just still find it hard passing that exam,
to the orphan/widow who recession has reduced the number of their benefactors,
to people constantly being physically abused just to survive,
to family who have to cut down a lot of luxury just to survive this season,
to the one who appears to be okay to everyone but really struggling,
to the mothers who cry every time she serves the children’s meals because she knows the meal is in no way balanced,
to the business wo/man who borrowed money to do business but loose all the money… Light exist at the end of the tunnel. Suicide is not the solution. Hold on, help is on the way.

It is not your fault and even if you think it is all your fault; you made mistakes, said what you shouldn’t have said, did what you shouldn’t have done, performed woefully, misbehaved, slow to act, too proactive… suicide is not the solution. If you don’t stop trying, you will sure get out of this mess and will tell the story of now with smile on your face soonest.

I dey go sleep jare, please take care of you for me.

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