No ’ember’ fever

I don’t have fever!

I just decided that I will not have fever this year.

Yes, I will consciously guard against fever. 

Abi why should I?

And I think you should not have fever too.

Don’t catch the ’ember’ fever.

Yes I know you have bills to foot, you have obligations to meet, you may even have debt to settle or maybe you’ve not been able to achieve most of your 2019 goals. However, the ’ember’ fever will only add salt to the injury.
Don’t allow December to put pressure or guilt on you.

Even if you are worried you’ve not achieved enough this year it is an indicator that you did all within your power to get more than you’ve gotten so far. And that too is success. Nature will not cheat you, you will be rewarded for all your labours.

This year is not over yet, there’s no limit to what you can still achieve before this year ends.

See ehen, there is still enough money to be made this year and only the living can/will make the money, please stay alive to achieve more success.
That December is here should not put pressure on you.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to enter into that glorious funk of pressure that catches people in the ’ember’ months.

Don’t join the set of people that suddenly get into a hurry to make money for Christmas so they can impress relatives and friends. Don’t yield to the temptation of spending your seed, you will need the harvest.

2020 will come with its own expenses so don’t borrow money to impress people this December so that you will have enough to finance your goals in 2020. The rule is, don’t spend what you’ve not earned.

What’s my own self, I just want you to know I value you, I dey go my house. See ehen, I’m still blogging at and I’m still on facebook/Instagram/linkedin as @theAtoyebiSamuel, and twitter as @Atoyebi_Samuel.

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