When do you want to move to the next phase?

You’ve made it here and you are already feeling like moving higher on the ladder of your life, don’t kill that progressive feeling, move!

Life is in stages, as human we are not expected to be stagnant. We must be determined not to stay at one level of success for too long, your present phase of life should be a passage to your next higher level.

Today should be seen as seed for tomorrow’s harvest. Today is the studio for designing tomorrow. Those who will miss their slot tomorrow are those that are sluggish today.

To reach the optimum you cannot remain at the base. You have to leave here to get there.

Move forward now if you are already feeling you should leave or should have left this present phase of life. Do not allow complacency to relegate you to the back and rob you of your place of prominence. To move now to your next higher phase in life you need to;

1. Sacrifice: many of us of course know we are overdue for the next higher level of our lives, but some rather settle for less because their next level really appears to be far beyond what they are willing to sacrifice. The journey from where you are to your next higher phase in life is demanding but at the end it will pay off if you give it all it takes.

2. Seek help from others: seek help and you shall find. If you discover that you don’t have all it takes to move to the next phase of your life, get help. Look for, and connect with people that have what you need within your circle or circle of your circle.

Also be humble enough to learn from people that are already in your future; people are already were you want to be, ask them how they made it there.

3. Pray to God: to be supplied you must make demand, until a demand is made supply is unavailable, what God promised you is to give you when you ask, so ask God.

God will only intervene and not interfere in your life. Talk to God and listen to Him.

When you pray you gain the strength and grace that you need to move to the next higher phase of your life.Prayers help you birth your possibilities.

To your greatness,

ATOYEBI Samuel | 7:2:2019

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant



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