Move up!

Face the fear.


Fear of failure is real, it is incredibly a debilitating barrier holding a lot of people back from winning in life.


People conceive potential great ideas daily but the fear of “what if it doesn’t work for me?” is the major road block of the ideas, fear of failure is the silent assassinator of many ideas.


The fear of failure is the major reason many have not attained success and why some have not been able to improve on their present level of success.


I know you know that you have within you deep reserves of potential and ability that, if properly harnessed and channeled, will enable you accomplish extraordinary things with your life. No matter how much good you’ve done for yourself and the society, there is still a whole lot that you can achieve. You are more than who you are now.


You can achieve more good-success, there is no graduation in the school of success, by divine design you are to keep improving on your present level of success.


Success will not be difficult if you develop your growth mindset, persevere against setbacks, learn from criticism, defeat fear of failure and fail forward, reaching higher levels of achievement will be simple.


The fact is; moving ahead in life sometimes require all the strength and courage one can muster to place one foot in front of the other. The truth is, you have what you need to move to the next upward phase of your life. What you need to do is;


  1. Strengthen your confidence: act on your goals, take progressive action to becoming who you really want to be. Taking action bolsters one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed.


Succeeding in achieving a goal will strengthen your confidence; you learn to succeed by succeeding.

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Confidence accumulates through hard work and even through success. The more you achieve, the more you can achieve. Build your confidence and strengthen your confidence by believing that you can be successful at anything you are committed to and go all out to get it done.


  1. Develop yourself: strengthening your confidence comes naturally when you are committed to developing yourself. Self-directed learning is an effective tool to self development. If you think you need a particular skill to move to the next upward phase of your life, go for it. If you are disciplined enough to learn effectively relevant skills without being forced to do so, then you are positioned for more success.


  1. Persist until you succeed: among the ingredients of success, there is no substitute for being persistent. It cannot be replaced by any other ingredient. The going may be hard, but you have to always note that these are exams which many successful people have taken over and over again. Like Brian Tracy said, “the more you persist, the more you believe in yourself; and the more you believe in yourself, the more you persist”.


Your greatness is my fulfilment.

ATOYEBI Samuel | 22:6:2017

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant



Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel


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