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(WhatsApp Broadcast, 27/08/2017)


Daddy President, ‘oju e ni yi’, where have you been?

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I remember vividly the last time I visited you here we gisted about money ( ). That’s more than 2 months ago o. ‘E don tey o’.

Happy Sunday.

I’m here again with you today, and we will still gist about money, yes o money matter na serious matter.

I’ve been thinking recently on why some people with low income live better than those earning much more; they are debt free. It makes me want to conclude that bigger will not always equal better.

How expensive is your present lifestyle?

The issue is, most people only focus on making more money, and ignore the real skill to build wealth like being frugal, budgeting, and planning.

When it comes to building wealth most people major on the minor and minor on the major. I see people spending so much to appear rich and thereby widen the gap between them and real wealth. Spending their hard earned money to create a false of importance.

I don’t subscribe to faking it to make it. It is better to be too big for the bowl before jumping into the ocean.

Satisfy your most basic needs, fulfil your physical survival needs before moving to the next stage in life.

Have what drives you before even thinking of what to drive. Have what to do before saying yes I do.

Financial freedom is what everyone can enjoy, since we can all eliminate unnecessary expenses, plan for our future, and master our finances. Don’t neglect your needs to spend on your wants. Be disciplined enough to spend money on the things that could make your life good forever.

The truth is, your responsibilities increase with time. Having a family is a very good thing, but don’t forget you will need to feed them, accommodate them, clothe them and nurture them. Will what you are spending money on today increase your income tomorrow to conveniently pay your bills?

One day, you will think of building a house of your own, you will need to buy a car, change or add to your car(s) as they age, these things need real money.

To be sincere, you will need to grow your income steadily to at least to protect you from financial crisis in another 10 years.

If you are an employee, what can you do today to increase your salary regularly such that your income will consistently surpass your growing responsibilities and liabilities.

If you are a business owner, in less than 10 years, can you afford to own a house of your own, buy or replace your cars, pay school fees of your children in good schools, feed well, clothe well, maintain your wellness and enjoy financial abundance? For your answer to be yes, you have to do the needful. Let’s discuss that ‘needful’ next time we meet.

My name is ATOYEBI Samuel, people call me Hon. Psalm and I’m a Statistical Consultant at DSK Statistical Consult Ltd. (

I dey go my house jare. Any gist for me?

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