How to make 2018 more productive (My 29/12/2017 WhatsApp Broadcast)

This guy again, by the way where have you been? You think you can come and go as you so desire?

Hope you are not here to talk about money again?

That aside jare, how are you doing today? Hope you and your family members are enjoying this holiday? Happy Christmas in arrears and Merry New Year in advance.

I know you know that 2018 has no power of its own to be better than 2017.

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It is not the year that brings something to you but you are the one that makes something happen in the year.

Every year is like a well designed template, you are the one that will populate it accurately to make sense.

Put God first in your preparation for 2018. The physical is controlled by the spiritual. There’s no limit to how God blesses human being, so that you will not fight as one beating the air.

Improve your relationship with God, don’t just speak to HIM in prayer, listen to HIM via HIS word, Spirit, internal witness, His servants, and events. Know more about God and the things of God. One of the surest way to do exploits in life is to know God.

Knowledge is one of the catalyst that can increase your productivity in 2018. Lack of knowledge is one of what can destroy even God’s people.

2018 will be better for us than previous years.

Make I dey go my house jare abi you get gist for me?

Gosh! We didn’t talk about money. Honestly I will try to revisit you before 31st of December, 2017.

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