Love letter to my beloved wife

Dear Oluwatoyin,

I will not be tired of thanking God for us. This can only be the mighty hand of God. The greatest blessing God has ever given me is you (my only wife) and our family.

Sweetheart mi, it will be plagiarism for me not to acknowledge and appreciate your positive contribution to this God’s project. You are not just a stakeholder in our marriage but a hyper-active stakeholder. Thanks for constantly being present for me and our children. I appreciate your presence, it worths more than money. I am so proud of the woman that you have become. Your sleepless night for our children, your sensitivity and mindfulness to make sure our children are comfortable even in their sleep are commendable. On behalf of Oluwademiladeogo and IbukunOluwatunmise, I say thank you.

The truth is, one of the greatest blessings of my life is to be surrounded by quality people. And it is safe to say that you are my closest friend and ally, my prayer partner. I’m free to be me with you. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. I don’t pretend, or have to be something and someone else to be loved and appreciated by you. Thanks for choosing to be an excellent wife to me. You are a blessing to me. I celebrate the grace of God that has been lavished on you. My prayer for you is, you will have no reason to regret having me in your life, and you will always have reasons to appreciate God for having me as your husband forever in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Ololufe mi tooto, thanks for agreeing to do life and fulfill divine purpose with me. Who says it has always been rosy in our yard? But, your constant prayers and encouragement gives me the courage to keep going upward steadily. The journey is long but it is interesting because it is productive and the rewards are not hidden. The journey of life is profitable for me because, your heart is golden, your mind is graceful and your hands are generous. Our marriage is blessed; it is a marriage of love, sacrificial love, with God as the foundation. Thanks for your trustworthiness, good deeds and patience. I celebrate you my Love; you are brilliant, bold, and blessed.

My Love, you will bear me witness that knowledge is a growth-asset. Those days before our wedding when Rev. Adebayo would give us list of books to buy and read, and would  tell us we would  discuss them when next we met are not a waste and his counsels are practical. The continuous marital lessons from Pastor ‘Dapo Olumuyiwa’s teachings either during Sunday services or Family Forum are actually not a waste of time. Knowledge on marriage makes marriage more enjoyable. I am always happy when I see you reading life transforming books. Also, anytime you say, ‘dear, are we not going to church?’, I feel a huge guilt if I say no, so it is either the answer is a yes or I suffer the guilt of a no. See, just as a student will be happy when he sees that all the questions on his/her question paper in the examination hall are what s/he knows/studied, his/her happiness will increase if s/he remembers clearly, so is life. Knowing why things are the way they are alone is a relief; knowing what to do or where to go is another impact of acquisition of knowledge. Acquisition of knowledge comes before application of knowledge; you cannot apply what you don’t know. Let’s keep the fire on the altar burning.


My treasured friend and covenant ally, my love for you might not be perfect but it is true love. I LOVE YOU and I know you love me too. Any time you hear me say I appreciate our differences, I mean it. I appreciate your answers be it YES or NO. As humans, we all have our unique characteristics, efficiencies and limitations. I know that humans are in infinite varieties and variances, humans are not the same; I am just a blessed man to have a godly, loyal and selfless human being as a wife. So, even if we have different opinions on any issue, as far as it is not against the God we serve and HIS counsels, we are not in completion, it is a win-win. God did not bring you to my life as a spectator or fan or robot but as ‘help meet’. It takes iron to sharpen iron; it takes a ‘you’ to marry a ‘me’. I admire you for your intelligence, courage, character, compassion and commitment to God and His kingdom. How blessed I am to have found you!

Ife mi, I have said this several times to our friends behind you, that if I’ve listened to all your advice on how to spend money, I would have been richer than I am now. I have testimonies of how I would have lost money if I had not listened to you, bhetttee, those times that I took the risk against your advises ehen, you know that they are times that I also profit from the risk I took, just that those times that I got my fingers burnt are painful memories that I don’t want to remember when I am broke. I value your financial intelligence, and as I always tell you, just tell me everything you think is right even if I will not take your advice on the issue; it is better to have many opinions on a matter than to assume all is well. The journey is still very long, it is you and me forever, so, don’t give up on me, I know you will not. If you don’t advice me, who will? #winks

My Super Star, your prayerfulness, fear of God, faith in God and perseverance are of great universal-economic value, they can produce even what money cannot buy. Thank you for making serving God easy for me. Your drawing closer to God by studying HIS words and praying to HIM have forever-positive effect on our family. Oluwakojusimisemilogo and AanuOluwagbemileke will not struggle to know God, they will have no reason to abandon God, Jesus Christ will remain their Lord and Saviour. They will not grieve the Holy Spirit at any phase of their lives. Thank you for choosing to be an excellent godly mother to them.

Mummy President, thanks for showing that having children is not a substituted responsibility but added profitable-responsibility. Not a day goes by that everything you do goes un-noticed. President and Queen will forever be grateful to God for having you as their mother, your labour over them will not be in vain, we will live to see, celebrate and enjoy their greatness in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I will forever be grateful to God for having you as my wife in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen

My truest friend of all, you are quintessential model of a loyal and selflessness wife, hand in hand we will walk together forever; side by side will make the world a better place than we met it, God’s grace will continue to help us to gather. In the precious name of Jesus Christ, the joy of being a woman, that you have always shown, continue to fill your heart now and forever. Amen.

With the help of God, I promise to cherish you, love you, and treat you as a precious gift. You are my precious gift from God. I will continue to treasure the greatest gift God has ever given me.

I pray for you in the precious name of Jesus Christ that your zeal and love for Jesus Christ will not wane and you will continue to know HIS goodness all your day. God will not depart from you at any phase of your life and HE will not allow you to abandon or withdraw from HIM. We will never lose our gratitude in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Happy wedding anniversary, with love from your only husband.


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