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Beyond the change of date on our calendars, the consciousness of new year is an optimal time that makes majority to assess where they are in their lives, to reflect on what they’ve consciously done during the previous year, and what has happened to them beyond their own efforts and control.

There are lots of internal energy that come with the consciousness of the new year, you have a choice to make; either to watch it go or use it to go forward in life, the choice is all yours. Even through difficult times and obstacles we have a choice to make change.

If you’ve chosen to go forward then you must also;

1. Move far: if you must dream, dream big. Don’t let your previous year’s output place a limit on your expected output this year. Double is too small for you to expect, expect far more than what you achieved last year.

2. Move faster: shed some loads, the lighter you are the faster you move in life.

The grudges, emotional baggage, and even beliefs that make your heart heavy when you remember need to go.

Wipe the slate as clean as you can for the New Year to be more productive.

The fact is, s/he offended you, yes, it hurt badly no doubt, but for your own sake, forgive him/her. The best form of revenge is your own success.

The lighter you are the easier it is to fly. Do something great today; forgive those that hurt you in the previous year and seek forgiveness from others too. Most of all, forgive yourself. Just declutter your life to increase your productivity.

3. Move on purpose: change can be incredibly complex without actionable insight. Don’t just wish, have a workable strategy to bring your dreams to reality. You want to make more money than you made last year? Good, if yes then how?

You will need to commit your time, effort, and emotion to bringing your dreams to reality, it is work but it will worth it at the end.

What change do you want to see in 2018; is it health-related, your appearance, what you do for a living, acquiring new skill, etc. What does it take, how do you intend to bring the change to reality? Strategize!

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 18:1:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Blog: atoyebisamuel.com
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel



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