Your labour will be rewarded!

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Your labour will be rewarded!

God is not a cheat, HE is a merciful God.

HE is not against you. If HE has blessed anybody in your neighborhood, expect His blessings too. Don’t give up now.

You will get to the top if you refuse to give up.

No one gets to the top by giving up.


Get up and grow up.
The journey to the peak in life is not a all up path, it has curves and slops, it takes more than being alive to live, you have to be;
1. consistently be on the move: stagnation is a short cut to frustration, don’t stop trying. If things aren’t working as you expected now, the way out is not to stop working, keep working until it works as you expected.


When you consistently focus on doing what is right always, even the smallest steps will eventually lead you to an avalanche of what you are seeking.
2. Competent: if you don’t want to be killed by problems be skilled on solving problems. Learn to solve more problems.  Quantity has positive influence on quality. One of the most important skills one can have is basic competence.
Develop the ability to get tasks done in an efficient manner.

Acquire relevant skills that will not make you totally helpless when working outside of your comfort zone.

Look for times that you learned a new skill and were able to execute it in a passable manner.
3. Confident: don’t die thinking you are not fit yet, don’t fall victim to second guessing and self-doubt.

We all learn every day, the gurus were once amateurs, the rule is; get it right and keep getting better. It is not enough to know, you must be confident to do what you know. Audacity separates you from the herd.
Most confident people are not the ones who know for sure they will succeed; they are the ones who know they can handle failure if it happens. So, don’t let the fear of failure stop you from going forward in life.

Confidence will help you overcome and deliver, even in the most pressured situations. A supreme level of self-confidence will also fuel your performance.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 2:11:2017
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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