Joshua 17:3

Those that are slack will lack.

It is only those that will rise that will shine.

What is your personal strategy and plan for escape in this economy?

What if the cost of living continues to rise exponentially and salary refuse to increase? And sure, responsibilities will continue to increase.

The fact is, the old strategy of cost-cutting is losing its strength; many have cut down their excesses, and now cutting their basic necessities and still not getting by.

Good to know you’ve prayed and still praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ, the good news is God has answered your prayers, left for you to play your part.

Play your part fast. Generate new ideas on how to effectively grow your revenues.

Think creatively and progressively about new winning ways.

Work at getting inspiration, revelation, new idea, new strategy and progressive sense of direction on how you can personally overcome this general recession problem.

What else can you do to grow your income?


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