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It is good to make a move, it is better to be on the right path, and it is best to move fast on the right path. It may not be easy but it is simple, start by;

1. Knowing the basic standards: don’t ignore the fundamentals in any field that defines you, knowing the basics in your field will increase your confidence. If it takes personal study, invest in it.

Being knowledgeable in your field is still a sure path to the top. In a serene environment, people will always respect and expect you to lead if they know you are knowledgeable in your field.

2. Being unconsciously professional: be into your profession and allow your profession to be into you too so that even when you are not on duty you are acting professionally. Let people you meet know what you know without showing off. Learn to communicate in a professional manner.

3. Being ready to adjust as you learn new things: it is good to still do what you think is right but don’t be too rigid, give room to learning new/other ways of getting things done. Leave some room for the considerations of others, they may be right at times. There is a lot you can learn from others which can make your journey to the top easier.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 22:3:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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