HE will still do it

To every Hannah expecting a Samuel, take God by HIS words (Exodus 23:26), HE will still do it. There is no delay with God.

You will still enjoy that “better life” you’ve been praying to God for.

The goodnews is; God will play HIS part, you will have your Samuel (new job, contracts, spouse, sound health, riches, etc).

Don’t forget to play your own path; pay your vow unedited (Genesis 28:13–15 … Genesis 28:20–22).

And to all Hannahs that have received their Samuels, break loose from the devil’s deception, pay your vow! If God can take you from where you used to be to where you are now, HE can take you to where you ought to be. Put the devil to shame by fulfilling your part (Ecclesiastes 5:4).

Don’t just make vow to get God’s attention fast, pay your vow to enjoy God’s blessings forever. (2 Samuel 15:7–8).

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