Go right, go far

Those who go right are those that have knowledge of where they are going and how to get there.

Knowing where to go is not ultimate, if you know where you ought to be in life then invest in knowing how to get there.

You want to be the regional manager of your organisation? Good, but how do become the regional manager, what are the requirements?

You want to venture into a new business? Don’t just jump in because you have the money, learn the basics and do your research.

Research often takes time, but it saves future pain, confusion and waste.

Having the right information puts you ahead of others.

Create time to study and gather the vital information you need to build, your life, career, the business, ministry and anything your want to venture in.

So, you think you need a business, very good but so that you will not burn your fingers, get your facts and perform emotionless analysis.

Yes, others are making it in that business, but be patient to learn all the basics, because doing business that you do not have enough information about is like walking in the dark. It’s true you need other source of income but you need to investigate before you invest.

In life, going right is:

1. Going with your mind: don’t allow anyone pressurize you into an unknown journey but gather information about where you are going from those that you think should know.

Seek counsel from right sources.

That they said you are old enough to get married is not enough reason for you to rush into marriage. That all your course-mates have relocated to other countries is not enough reason for you to leave your country. Your choice of career, business, network, etc should not be as a result of pressure from others. Build your mind with information from others about your next line of action.

2. Going with your might: stop giving your life a casual approach, so you don’t end up as a casualty. You have to be ready to give it all it takes to get all you want. Equip yourself thoroughly, so that you can breast the tape.

Those that are sluggish will miss their slot in life. It is survival of the fittest. You can not be giving your business/career per time attention and expect full time reward

Your strength (spiritually, mentally, financially, physically) determines your level in life. Put your might where your mind is.

3. Going the God way: your service to God is one of the surest path to going far in life. Don’t strike out service to God from your schedule. God’s favour will take you farther than where your labour can take you in life. There is no better time to serve God than now. Part of the path to greatness as prescribed by God is service to HIM.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 14:6:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Blog: atoyebisamuel.com
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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