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It’s second quarter of 2018 already, what is the strength of your great dreams for better education, employment, business, connection, promotion and more money? Are you still committed to the height you aimed at the beginning of this year?

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Don’t slow down on your vision, dreams and goals because the first quarter didn’t produce as much success as you expected.

Every of your effort is an investment, it will yield dividends. The dots will connect.

Irrespective of the result gotten in the first quarter, move on, keep working right, go for your goals, pursue your dreams, enjoy your success, and let your glory show forth.

Remind yourself, “where I am is not my final destination, my tomorrow will be better than my today in all ramifications, here is just a junction on the road to a better me”.

Assure yourself there is a better version of you. Keep hope alive by;

1. Being grateful: thank God for everything good about you, your health, education, marriage, belief, job, etc. The more you mention them in appreciation to God the more of them you have.

So, keep appreciating God for opportunities that came your way in the first quarter, the new contacts and money you made,…

Don’t forget to appreciate those that God used to bring you here too.

2. Keeping that energy of gratitude: gratitude is still a faster route to altitude. When you make thanksgiving your lifestyle, you open ourselves up to the joy that God has placed in your lives, and you are receptive to the obvious things you previously overlooked. Appreciate God. Appreciate human being.

3. Keeping God in the know: it is maturity to inform God about every of your move, allow HIM to be the God of your life too. Pray as if that is the only thing you know how to do to succeed. A little word of prayer of ‘God order my steps’ can turn a small step to a quantum leap.

Thanks for your birthday wishes and prayer on 1st of April.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 5:4:2018
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Blog: atoyebisamuel.com
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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