Giving is the prize

Giving is the prize!

Being able to give drives you to create more and earn more. Whatever you give have away of coming back to you beyond its’ “leaving size”.

While some give because they want to receive, it is better to give because it is the proof of your origin. Giving is in your DNA. God your father is a giver. Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour is a giver. The Holy Spirit is a giver. You should also explore your giving nature.

There is more to giving than receiving. Ever notice that those who are truly wealthy and successful are always involved in charities? Giving things more valuable than money.

My first published book (MATTERS THAT MATTER …the inspiration for global relevance) was giving free. Apart from loading the book with transformational information, I packaged it in an easy to read format, promote it and got everything I know a standard book should have like ISBN and released it free of charge. Publishers even beyond this country have contacted me to allow them sell the book but beyond all their reasons for why books are better sold, I prefer leaving it at for the whole world to download and read for free, no strings attached.

Rev. Sam Adeyemi wrote a very good book (What I Would Do Differently – 7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey of Life) and left it online for free download. TY Bello released her third studio album (The Morning Songbook) for free digital download. Leke Alder wrote a very good book (NOVUS) and left it online for free download. The list continues.

I trust you, I know you can give more valuable things, you have them.

Honestly, I am aware of the complex human nature which drives us to seek for more, no matter what we may already have. We want to drive the latest car, live in the best apartment, etc. The urge to get more never ends. We do things because of what we want to gain from it; how much will I make from it? Not who will benefit from this? The present economic situation has worsen things for some people, all they think of is how to exploit people.

The way to have more is to give more. Maybe that is why the rich are getting richer. Or what do you think?

I’m sorry to tell you but the truth is, there is nothing you have that you were not given.

What you have was passed to you, so let it pass through you.


1. Your skills: I know it cost you a lot to acquire that skill but you know some people genuinely need your service but cannot afford your fee, it will go along way for you and them if you can assist them.

2. Thanks: the more you are appreciative the more you appreciate in value. ‘Thank you’ can make a lot different, don’t be selfish with it. Thank God always. Thank people who give little assistance. Thanks even those you paid for a service or product, as far as you get what you paid for.

3. Give more: the list of what you have that you can give is inexhaustible, but in case you can’t remember any other thing to give, give more of what you’ve given before.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 23:6:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
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