Giving increases worth.

My wife, my worth!

Join me to appreciate God for HIS faithfulness in my family, my one and only beloved wife is a year older today. Hallelujah! She has been my best friend since 2006 and she is still my best friend and closest confidant today. She means a lot to me.

Yes, it is still MATTERS THAT MATTER, and we are still the giving principle.

Giving increases worth.

Giving helps you to create an abundance mentality. The act of giving is an acknowledgment that you are okay without what you’ve given.

Those that don’t meet a need will remain in need.

Your real value is not measure by what you have acquired but what you’ve given.

Giving adds to you beyond what you’ve giving, you can give;

1. Money: giving can be easy when you give what you don’t need anymore, like giving out your used phone after buying a better one but giving money means a lot. Or is there anybody that doesn’t need money? So, when anybody give you any denomination of money value it because s/he also needs it.

The money you earn is a significant part of you, so, by giving money you are able to make your money work in a way that is bigger than yourself; it multiplies the effort of your money.

Giving money to others allows you to contribute to the lives of others in a special way.

2. Talent(s): you are gifted and you know it, you’ve obviously invested a lot in discovering and developing yourself, all glory to God but it should not end there. Distribute it. Use it to bless lives.

And teach others. Help others discover and develop themselves too.

3. Idea: don’t be selfish with your ideas, if you know what could solve the problem of your organisation, table it. If you know what could increase the profitability of your friend, tell it to him/her. Anytime you give a valuable idea, you earn, the reward might not come immediately but will come eventually.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 9:6:2016
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