Furnish tomorrow today!

Furnish tomorrow today!

Be an architect and not a fire fighter!

An architect designs the future. A fire fighter responds to crisis.

To be in charge of our tomorrow we must be intentional in preparing for our future. We must be proactive rather than reactive.

Irrespective of how bad ‘this’ season is for a farmer, he will have a worse season after ‘this’ if he did not prepare for the next season. The next season will be better for the farmer if he’s discipline enough to separate seeds from his present harvest.

The reality is, our ‘today’ have many ‘competitors’: family, work, education, and a myriad of other activities. Today is occupied, infact there are occasions that the energy and time input into ‘today’ seems not enough to squeeze out the sweet juice of ‘today’. But, to have a better tomorrow, you still must do today that which will better tomorrow.

1. Watch over yourself: develop self-discipline. Discipline is doing what needs to be done rather than doing what you want to do. It is the ability to delay immediate gratification in order to obtain long-term gratification. It isn’t enough to know what needs to be
done, you need the drive and the follow-through to get it done.

You have today, don’t loose tomorrow. What can you give today to get tomorrow?

2. Be sure of your strength: take time to map out all the paths that lead to good-success in your life; those things that have given you quantum leap in life. Pareto’s law states that 80% of the outputs result from 20% of the inputs. This means that 20% of our actions result in 80% of the results.

Find the 20% that is creating the 80% of your desired outcomes. Double check by repeating the 20%, if it reproduce another 80% good success, then you are sure it is really working for you. Keep doing it, the more you repeat it the less effort you input into doing it and the more good-success you get from it.

3. Be connected: your labour is too small to get you the type of good success you desire, you need power beyond yours.

You need God.

Never be far from your Maker. The more you relate with God, the more you know HIM, the more you know HIM, the more exploit you do in life. That is the surest path to doing exploit in life.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 18:8:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
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