Feature this year in your biography

2016 started with you in it, will you feature it in your biography?

I mean if the story of your life will be premiered next year, will 2016 just be mentioned like other gone years or be emphasized with landmark achievements?

Only what you achieve can add a year to your archive.

So, what will you achieve against all odds? It might not be easy but if done can ease tomorrow of its’ difficulties.

Everything you envisioned for 2016 can become your reality if you take full responsibility. The road might not be straight but if you don’t stop moving toward your goals, you will get to the destination. Don’t rest now;

1. Its’ time to do: the year is no more new, if you’ve not started acting your 2016 script you need to start now as a matter of urgency.

Gather the most relevant information you need to proceed and get to work. It is good to think and plan well but don’t become stuck in an eternal state of limbo. Enough of ‘I’m still thinking about what to do about it’, the time for action has arrived, start doing.

2. Step out anyway: could it be the fear of mistake, rejection, or failure that is keeping you to yourself?

If you have an idea/dream, get to work with it, it is only useful when it moves from your thought to our sight.

What of if it does not work out fine? You’ve not failed. Getting out of your shell already enlist you for success, the success might not be immediately but you will eventually succeed.

Don’t loose confidence in yourself, you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, believe in yourself with every ounce of your being.

3. Build your brand: you were born to stand out, don’t die trying to fit in. As you set out to do your thought, don’t waste ‘you’ trying to do it the way another person is doing it. Do it your own way, the world needs the special gift that only you can offer.

Be an innovator. Beat your own path with your talent, knowledge, value, and abilities. That is how to go far in life and stay relevant for a long time . Be you!

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 18:2:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
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T: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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