Don’t give-up

Hope you still remember those times when you wanted to conquer the world and revealed to everyone that you have what it takes to be a real wo/man?

Hope you can still remember your goals for this year, those things you want to achieve and the miles you set to cover this year?

In case you’ve forgotten some of those goals, can your browse your mind now to remember them?

How many of your goals for this year have you achieved?

Congratulations if you are close to achieving all those goals or you’ve achieved them.

In case you’ve not been able to achieve any of your set goals or maybe you’ve not been able to achieve much of those goals on the first try or during the first half of the year, don’t give up on your dreams without even trying again.

Seriously, your dream of living an extraordinary life is realistic and achievable.

There’s no amount of money you are set to make that you cannot attract. No audience is too large for you to address. No level is too high for you to attain in your career. No client is too big for you to have. No project is to big for you to manage. No salary is too much for you to receive.

That you don’t have today does not mean you cannot have it. Don’t lose the big dream. Purse your dream, keep working on achieving that goal(s), continue to do everything possible within your power to make life better for you. Your effort will not waste, however, when things don’t go as you planned;

  1. Don’t lose the humanity in you: you will always meet people but how you treat them will determine how life will treat you. If you continue to take advantage of people you will continue to think that life is unfair to you.

Don’t lose the humanity in you because you want to make money. ‘Wayo’ is not wisdom; don’t dupe people, don’t steal from people and don’t inflict pain on another person because you want to make money. Value relationships and be nice to others. Being kind is about being economically sensible, there is more to gain in life by being nice.

You can make money without making others mourn,

2. Don’t lose hope: sometimes it takes more than one or two attempts to achieve success. Some of those who have made it to the top of the success ladder failed the first time, they tried again.

Don’t give up, like Jesus Christ, I say to you today, ‘let down your nets for a catch’. I mean, try again. Those goals will be achieved and all your efforts will bring you result(s) that will compensate you for all your efforts and give you joy.

3. Don’t lose God: don’t forget that God will never let you down. Don’t ignore God all in the name of making ends meet. It is God that gives increase. Seek God first, HE knows where the gold is.

To your greatness,

ATOYEBI Samuel | 19:7:2018

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant


Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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