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Thank God you’ve accomplished your goal(s) for this year, however, it’s not time to cross you hands and say ‘I’m done for this year’, you need to continue from the achieved goal(s).

Don’t allow your growth to plateau. Growth in life is not a destination but a journey. Don’t stop working harder because you’ve  accomplished a whole lot this year. It is dangerous to grow to a level where you think it is okay to stop growing, a healthy life is the one that keeps growing irrespective of the pace.

To those who are far from accomplishing their set goal(s) for this year, continue from where you are. How far have you gone in accomplishing all the goals you set for this year?  Wherever you are on the scale of achievement is a good place to continue. Yes, that’s the best place to continue, just don’t stop working. Things will stop working for those that stop working on things.

To continue from where you are (either you’ve accomplished all your goals or not);

To your greatness,

  1. Use your support network: to make living enjoyable and impactful, take advantage of the support networks around you. Don’t die trying to accomplish everything all alone, leverage on your networks. Do you think that your extended family member or church member or colleague or secondary school class mate or course mate or old friend or some you’ve helped before or inlaw can assist you in achieving that goal? Talk about what you need with that person that you think can help or knows someone that can help. What if the person refuse to help you, you’ve not lost anything, not even your integrity but what if you get that support from the person, it means you will move faster than you estimated.

2. Help others: there’s always something you can do for someone to assist them. Encourage people around you, promote them, pray for them, smile at them, tell them you believe in them, recommend them or their business to someone that need them, etcetera. It is a seed you will harvest in a larger (probably in a different) scale. If you need help sow help. Helping others makes like easier for you, it produces positive energy required to move you to your next phase.

3. Keep praying to God: since there is a God that answers prayers then you should continue to pray to HIM. Don’t be distracted with what some people are saying to diminish the power of prayer. The truth is one of the surest way to secure a better future is through prayers. Prayers can lead you to the person that will help you to up your game. Prayer gives you an edge in life, please pray. The spiritual controls the physical. Talk to God about those goals and how accomplishing them will give glory to God.

ATOYEBI Samuel | 29:11:2018

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant



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