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Money Matter

(WhatsApp Broadcast, 27/08/2017)   Daddy President, ‘oju e ni yi’, where have you been? Seriously serious I miss you too. When next you miss me online stroll to my twitter handle (@Atoyebi_Samuel) or website (http://atoyebisamuel.com) to hear from me. I remember vividly the last time I visited you here we gisted about money ( http://atoyebisamuel.com/what-is-your-daily-income/ 

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What is your daily income?

Who did this to us na? Why should such germane issue be left unattended to? Like seriously,  I’ve been thinking about it for sometime now. Nobody is even ready to discuss it, but why? Let’s talk about it today jare. Who taught you how to make money? How much of it do you make daily? 

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