Data Science with R in Rstudio

This is a great opportunity for you to learn and grow in connecting the dots between business world and the data world using R. This data science training with R will be 3 hours daily for 5 days from the comfort of your home/office. Distance is not a barrier; irrespective of which part of the 

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Love letter to my beloved wife

Dear Oluwatoyin, I will not be tired of thanking God for us. This can only be the mighty hand of God. The greatest blessing God has ever given me is you (my only wife) and our family. Sweetheart mi, it will be plagiarism for me not to acknowledge and appreciate your positive contribution to this 

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Thinking of how to do your statistical DATA ANALYSIS?

…we add value to RESEARCH… Thinking of how to do your statistical DATA ANALYSIS? Contact DSK STATISTICAL CONSULT LIMITED and we will take the stress off you. If you have data to analyze, and you understand the language of excellence, then you need our service. Data Analysis is beyond knowing how to use statistical software. 

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