Let’s reason together

Give again!

Giving will be a difficult task If we overlook all we have and dwell on what we lack. It is human to think that the lot (or the little) that we possess has been hard earned and truly belongs to us and sharing it with others should not be an option. Having it all to 

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Giving is wining!

It’s human nature to think, “when I have more I will start giving.”  Those who have this mentality don’t win because they are violating the rule. One truth about giving is that; the more we give the more we have. Jesus Christ said “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, 

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Giving is Living!

Giving is living! The principle of giving is older than human and it is still producing positive results up till date. Giving is a proven principle. It has been proven to be a principle that answers to everybody irrespective of their age or belief. The motive for giving matters to the art of giving. Many 

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