Build internal motivator!

Your future is worth fighting for, I know you know that your future is very bright, and that is why you’ve been investing a lot in it. It is the same reason the journey had not been 100% smooth, so, to make it to the beautiful future you need to intentionally build an internal motivator.

In your pursuit of the beautiful future don’t ignore the lessons on your way to the future.

Anytime the destination seems far to your present do not waste your energy mourning it, focus on what you’ve discovered unwittingly, what skill have you acquired during the journey, what have improved in you.

Explore as you journey to your desired future. Seek knowledge, not only results. Experiment and enjoy the journey.

As you focus on the destination, appreciate the journey so that the storm will not be a full stop but just a comma.

Your motivation will always be fueled if you keep thinking about what you are learning along the way and what you can improve on even as you navigate life. And you will be more equipped for the future. You will be motivated if you;

  1. Plan: planing your life will do more than motivating you, you will get more done than you would have done without plan. A box full of cloths will contain more clothes if the clothes are neatly arranged than when the clothes are parked in the box unarranged.
  2. Push it: when things seems stagnant don’t be quick to quit, the grass is not green at the other side, it is green where it is watered. Work on what is not working and you will see it working.
  3. Praise HIM: irrespective of what the situation is now your Way Maker deserves your gratitude. Give God the thanks for protection, opportunities that you’ve maximized, provision, and so much more.

Let God know how grateful you are for what you have now and where you are, that is one of the fastest way to get to where you ought to be.

To your greatness,

ATOYEBI Samuel | 30:8:2018

Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant



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