Be prepared

It’s no news that another decade is about to start this week. 

2019, the eventful year will end in less than 30 hours. Whatever the year may have been to you, another calendar year will start and it will be another opportunity to make life better.

Don’t be caught unaware, don’t just wait for 2020 to be better than 2019 by itself.

In the Biblical parable of the 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-13), 5 of the virgins were classified as been foolish because they were waiting without adequate preparations.

Why wait for 2020 if there’s no strategy to make it better than the previous years?

It is better to be prepared than just to be waiting for things to happen. Preparing is a vocabulary that might have different meaning to all of us depending on where we are and where we are going.

To you it might mean to leverage on your relationships, to me it might mean to acquire more sophisticated skills, to your friend it might mean to get a mentor, to her it might be to summon courage to start that project, to him it might mean to increase his intelligence capacities, etcetera.

If you are expecting 2020 to be better than the previous year then you must be ready to do whatever keeps you prepared for massive opportunity ahead.

Accept responsibility for your success in 2020, be ready to give what it takes to make 2020 appear in your autobiography for good.

Of course, we know God had done HIS part, more reason for us not to ignore HIM at any phase of our journey. Don’t forget you will always need God, because no matter how much you try you will need HIM to give the increase.

Let me not forget to thank you for your input in 2019. Happy Christmas in Advance and  Merry New Year in Arrears.

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