Be great without ‘grounding’ anybody!

We can be great without ‘grounding’ anybody!

Some people have been taught that to go up you must pull some people down, and they are actively doing just that. Don’t be surprised if at any point you come across someone working so hard to push you away so that he can occupy your present position or fix someone there. Don’t join him in playing such game, it is like fighting with pig in the mud, even if you win what about the dirt?

The earlier people accept that they don’t need to pull someone down just because they want to outrun the person in their office, or line of business the better for them.

Any relationship, career, or business that demand pulling down of another person to succeed will not succeed.

You can advertise your products or/and services without slandering your competitors. You can get your promotion without blocking your colleague’s promotion. You can create your own niche without destroying other people’s work.

Don’t be intimidated by anyone’s success. Spreading lies and rumor all in a bid to ‘get there’ before others is the weakest weakness.

Instead of pushing others to extend your comfort, you can increase your success by;

1. Being you: be true to yourself. Keep working on yourself, make decisions based on your values. Trying so hard to be like another person can end in frustration, invest your energy in building your original self.

2. Increasing your confidence: that you are the one doing it does not mean it will be inferior. Truth does not necessary need to come from the top, your first published book might solve the problems known authors have not been able to solve.

Get up and get it done, taking action bolsters one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed.

Believe your ability to do it better, success is just as dependent on confidence as it is on competence. Note that confidence accumulates through hard work, and through success.

3. Investing in relationships.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 25:8:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
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