Arise and take your place in destiny.

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No excuse will be genuine enough for doing less than you can do.

Get up, do that which you must do for your greatness and glory to manifest.

We can become richer, more successful, greater, powerful and happier than we are now if we accept the responsibility for our next phase.

We must be committed to our life to be more productive. We must take on our life like a champion, like a hero, like a leader, like one who is truly in charge. We must decide to give it all it takes to be among the less than 20% that controls more than 80% of the world.

We must be conscious of the fact that the whole world is earnestly waiting for our glory, greatness and manifestation.

In all, we must hold firm our decision to succeed against all odds. Things will definitely change but to be beneficiary of the positive change you must;

1. Face it: endure hardship like a soldier, confront those challenges now and surmount the mountains. Problems are meant to be solved not to be ignored or denied.

2. Fail forward: failing might be a step toward figuring things out, just that consistent failure on same thing is a bad signal.

While failing can seem daunting because of the conditions we’ve placed on ourselves and the self-imposed meanings we’ve assigned to failure. However,  that things did not work out does not mean it cannot be worked on, use your experience to retry and you will get better result.

3. Free your mind: expand your reality. Be flexible with beliefs you’ve adopted about what is not possible. Open your heart to new truths.

The truth is; there is no height to high for you to attain, you qualify for more landmark good-success, your head also will wear the crown, you will lend unto nations, gates of nations will open  unto you…

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 25:5:2017
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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