Are you on track?

Are you on track?

It is about 63 days out of the 365 days in 2016, how about all you plan to achieve this year? Are you on track to achieving your deepest heart desires this year?

If you are really set to make 2016 better than previous years, you can still have it. You can indeed be free, feel more abundant, happy and great. But, you must be ready to act.

You need to start doing what will make 2016 better than 2015.

The economic situation has not deflated the weight of ‘action’, actions still speak louder than words. You need to move fast from ‘saying’ to ‘doing’. Your ideas might good enough to better the world and empower you forever but until you demonstrate the ability to carry out your ideas, it remains a mere thought.

To make this year better than previous year;

1. Get it clear: what do you mean when you say this year will be better than previous years? What do you foresee in it that gives you that assure that it will be better? Is it chance of getting a new job, starting a business, buying/changing car, getting married, acquiring more skills, getting more certificates, starting a corporate social responsibility, …

In order to stay on track toward achieving more success, it’s important to maintain a clear vision of what you really want to achieve — and how things will look like once you achieve your success.

2. Be able: you need ability to make this year better than last year. Learn new things, people who do not acknowledge the need to constantly learn new things are denying themselves the chance to grow.

Learn all you can about what you want to achieve this, the more you know about it the more courageous you become to dare it. Look for people that have achieved it before or something similar and learn from their achievements and their mistakes. A small piece of information can save you from a lifetime destruction.

3. Drop the excuse: please be kind to the next generation, drop every genuine excuses that has hindered you from moving forward personally and professionally up till now.

The government is corrupt, the economy is bad, the weather is harsh, life is unfair, etc. Honestly, you are powerful, you are built to overcome any challenge, you just need to move ahead against all odds, the more you move the easier it becomes to move forward.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 3:3:2016
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
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