Access to Assets

Who you are have direct impact on what you get from life.
There is a great treasures in you. You are talented​. You have capacities and abilities to achieve more success. You are a brand.

Your inbuilt capacity can build you your dream empire.

You are good enough to make the move.

What you have now can bring you what you want to have.

Your being ‘here’ is good resources that can take you ‘there’.

But, until you defeat the limiting beliefs, you will keep thinking the kind of life you want to live is far from reality.

The fact is if you don’t fight you cannot win except if somebody fight for you. Don’t give up, you will win, you will be celebrated, your effort will yield celebrated result. Just a little more steps and you will get to your promised-land;

1. Turn your access to assets: what are those things you have access to at the moment, your talents, education, relationships, skills, etc they are raw materials. Refined, service, process, fine-tune and make them desirable, turn them to values and solutions.

2. Solve problems with your assets: people don’t really care about the number of the certificates you carry, what they are concerned about is the problem your certificates can solve. Even if you have 360 degrees as far as it does not bring any positive demonstrable change, they are just papers.

Who you know is nothing if that will not add value to any system. You will only be rewarded for the problem you solve.

Any talent, skill, or education that is not solving or contributing to solving any problem does not have any positive value, it is a liability to any organized system.

Find out what problem(s) your asset can solve, and start solving them.

3. Showcase your assets: why will you invest so much to ‘light a lamp’ and then ‘put it under a bowl’? Not letting the world know the solutions you carry is tantamount to putting it under a bowl.

Let the world know about the problems you can solve with your education, the skills you’ve acquired, the ideas you have and your experiences. Let them know what you can offer and the comfort you can provide for them.

It is an aberration to carry so much on your inside and the world isn’t aware. Leverage on all the existing tools and platforms out there to be closer to people that need what you have.

Your greatness is my fulfilment.
ATOYEBI Samuel | 28:9:2017
Personal Effectiveness Coach | Statistical Consultant
Twitter: @Atoyebi_Samuel

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