Hon. Psalm

ATOYEBI Samuel is a man with blessed insight, a man whose weekly broadcast has inspired people across the globe to be relevant. He has the God-given mandate to inspire people to be the best God created them to be. Hon. Psalm as called by friends and family is a Statistical Consultant, a professional Project Manager, a personal effectiveness coach and transformational speaker. He addresses critical issues affecting every aspect of human, personal and professional development.

He is the author of the inspirational book MATTERS THAT MATTER: The inspiration to global relevance. The book contain those matters that matter and when accurately applied should make you a force to be reckoned with globally which is your Maker’s original design.

This Transformational Book is an inspiration for global relevance, it will stir and challenge you to;

*Develop strong sense of purpose and direction.
*Empower you to fulfill God’s plan for your life.
*Awakened your dreams, aspirations and vision.
*Override the fear of failure.
*Recognize the value of your life in this world.
*Break every limiting belief holding you consciously or unconsciously.
*Spot new opportunities to personal growth and learn new skills.
It is a beautiful book structured in such a way that you can start from anywhere and still be impacted, encouraged, inspired, empowered and transformed.

The E-copy of the book is available for free download at https://goo.gl/sSfdVh

He is the recipient of the following awards:
1. The best Departmental Rep. in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology 2005.
2. Inspirational Leader (Statistics ’10 Meritorious Award) 2010.
3. Live Membership (Pure and Applied Science Students’ Association Honorary Award) 2011.
4. Most Influential (Statistics ’10 Special Award) 2010.
5. Fellow PASSA judicial Commissioner 2010.
6. Most Creative (Statistics ’10 Honorary Award) 2010.
7. Best Politician (Statistics ’10 Meritorious Award) 2010 and many more.

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